Partnerhatchery Vreden

Together with the partnerhatchery in Elsnigk, our partnerhatchery in Vreden (Germany) can perfectly meet the growing demand on the German market for 5D chicken products.

German consumers are demanding more transparency about the origin of their food. 5D represents quality and assurance that chicken products are 100% of certified German origin, from the parent flock, the hatchery, the broiler farming sector and the feed to the slaughterhouse.

5D day-old chicks
Our partnerhatchery in Vreden in the German Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen enables Probroed & Sloot to flexibly respond to the demand for day-old chicks that fit the 5D concept. The hatchery has modern Hatch Tech incubators which are in compliance with the high-quality standards of Probroed & Sloot.