Cooperation is in our DNA

The roots of Probroed & Sloot are in the Netherlands. The guideline in this success story has been cooperation in everyone's interests.

More than 90 years of experience
Probroed & Sloot is an independent specialist in broiler chickens, with more than 90 years of experience in incubating, now backed up by ultra-modern hatcheries. A key point is the desire to cooperate in everyone's interest: greater vitality and better results for breeder farmers, broiler farmers and poultry processing plants, for the benefit of humans and animals.

A history based on three hatcheries in the Netherlands
1928  Startup of the Wormgoor chicken hatchery, later known as the Sloot hatchery.
1935  The Pluvebo chicken hatchery started up in Groenlo, which would later continue under the name
           Cobroed after a merger.
1948  Pronks Broederij in Meppel started up, gradually growing to become a hyper-modern hatchery
           for day-old chickens.
2005  Cobroed and Sloot decide on a merger under the name Cobroed & Sloot.
2007  A merger between Pronks Broederij and Cobroed & Sloot produced Probroed & Sloot.
2011  Probroed & Sloot took over the Unibroed-van Lith chicken hatchery in Langenboom.