Probroed & Sloot, Groenlo hatchery

Our hatchery in Groenlo in the eastern part of the Netherlands is one of Europe's largest hatcheries for day-old chickens. People are working enthusiastically here twenty-four hours a day on producing healthy chickens.

The wonderful atmosphere at work really makes the hatchery stand out. Probroed & Sloot values an open and honest company culture very highly, one in which staff help think about the improvements that they themselves then implement. This makes everyone feel very much involved in our chickens and with our customers. Our people are responsible for our successes.

Continuous improvement
The staff at the Groenlo hatchery can follow an internal vocational training course. During the training, one of their tasks is to think up and investigate a possible improvement in the process. That produces good results. The staff thought of a way to modify the setting process that improved returns: chickens that were more vital, at lower costs.
The hatchery in Groenlo is also working closely with the incubator manufacturer Pas Reform. Many of the ideas from Groenlo are now applied by the manufacturer worldwide, such as an incubator with an extremely economical motor.

Energy savings and sustainability are always priorities at Groenlo. One group of employees is investigating ideas for becoming climate-neutral by 2020. We're already a long way down that road. For example, there are 50 kilometres of pipes under the ground in Groenlo. This gigantic heat exchanger produces cooling in the summer and heat in the winter. In addition, the hatchery is lit by energy-saving LED lights. An essential point is that every improvement is aimed at improving the vitality of the chickens. In addition, innovations are intended to cut costs, and preferably also contribute to a better world for our children.