Probroed & Sloot, Langenboom hatchery

Our third hatchery is in Langenboom in the southern part of the Netherlands. Besides day-old chickens that are very vital and offer good returns, we also have various innovative incubation concepts here. One example is the 'HatchCare chicken', an innovative growth concept that achieves excellent results.

Keeping working on improvements is a priority at Langenboom as well. These improvements are often based on ideas from the people doing the work. At Probroed & Sloot, employees are given scope for trying out those ideas themselves. Because our people are responsible for the ideas, the backing and support for trying things out are better. It is nice to see that the staff develop too as they help improve the processes.

HatchCare chickens: a stronger start
The Langenboom team plays an active role in developing innovative incubating concepts. A prime example of that kind of innovation is the so-called 'HatchCare chicken', which stays a couple of days longer in Langenboom after hatching and gets its first food and water there. This concept was developed together with the incubator manufacturer Hatch Tech. The 'HatchCare chicken' concept creates the optimum conditions, giving the chickens a stronger start. Broiler farmers can then choose 'HatchCare chicken' because of their greater vitality.