The added value of ultra-modern hatcheries

Probroed & Sloot has three hyper-modern hatcheries in the Netherlands and two partner-hatcheries in Germany. Our modern (partner)hatcheries are important for the reliability of deliveries and the flexibility that our customers need.

But there's more. We use incubators from various manufacturers in our (partner)hatcheries: Hatch Tech in Langenboom (Netherlands), Vreden (Germany) and Elsnigk (Germany), Pas Reform in Groenlo (Netherlands) and Petersime in Meppel (Netherlands). The major benefit of working with multiple brands is that we are not only able to compare these brands properly, but we are also able to keep challenging them to push their limits - as we do for ourselves. This enables us to work together smoothly on the innovations that improve the vitality of our broiler chickens.

Consistently bred quality
The Probroed & Sloot hatchery managers swap experiences on a daily basis. You can see that reflected in the quality and vitality of our day-old chickens, no matter whether they were hatched in our (partner)hatcheries at Groenlo, Meppel, Langenboom, Vreden or Elsnigk.

Uniform brooding process

  1. The hatching eggs from our IKB-certified breeder farms are checked and then automatically placed on setter trays. This is done separately for each breeder farm, so that we are always able to trace our chickens.
  2. After disinfection, the eggs are placed in the setters. We keep them there for 18 days, following the fully computer-controlled hatching process from minute to minute.
  3. They are then examined, during which the eggs are checked and the fertilised ones are selected. The fertilised eggs are placed in the hatchers.
  4. After a further three days, the chickens emerge from the eggs.
  5. The chickens and shells are separated and, after a further quality selection, the chickens are counted.
  6. A report is produced for each batch of broiler chickens that leaves our hatcheries, with the hatchery manager assessing the chickens critically on aspects such as colour, weight and vitality.

This means that you are assured of healthy (5D) chickens that will give optimum performance.

That's how we keep each other on our toes
Another benefit of having a hatchery manager for each hatchery: they keep each other on their toes. For instance, we regularly incubate a batch of eggs from a single supplier at the various different hatcheries so that we can compare the hatchery results with each other.
These 'validation tests' allow us to improve our incubation processes further every month. And that is crucial for a constant, high level of quality. No matter which (partner)hatchery your chickens come from, this ensures optimum vitality.

At Probroed & Sloot, we are working continuously on getting the best results. Everyone - from the work floor to the board room.